For the past few years customers and partners asked why we called the company Monolith Software … and to be honest, I have entertained the same question. In my opinion, the very definition of a monolith was the exact opposite of how we wanted to describe our business. It certainly was not the metaphor we desired to associate with our solutions and company culture.

According to company history, the name Monolith Software was chosen in 2005 based on the 1968 film, 2001: A Space Odyssey in which a ‘monolith’ was depicted as a platform for artificial intelligence. I appreciate the connection to that reference, but fast forward to the 21st century and we find ourselves in a new era in which organizations are transfixed on transformation. Today disruption happens at amazing speed, and our customers seek solutions that are light weight, agile, flexible, and able to scale on demand.

We have seen an explosion of network functions virtualization(NfV) as well as a shift in focus of the legacy management tool providers. Our customers are replacing their ‘monolithic’, complicated environment with one solution – a modern solution.

Every day we empower our customers with a unified service assurance platform for end to end management for service offerings. Our manager of managers platform integrates seamlessly with any OSS/BSS environment to enable customers to quickly roll out new services, respond to service demands, save on expenses and lighten resource loads to evolve the operations center.

For all these reasons, we knew there needed to be a better name for our business. Earlier this year, we acquired assets from TDB Fusion Group to accelerate our speed to market for enterprise cloud solutions and simplify workflow process management with innovative contextual dashboard and visualization capabilities. The on-boarding of TDB Fusion assets happened to coincide with our rebranding initiative, and we looked to leverage existing brand visibility in our path forward. It was also important to us to maintain a level of continuity across look and feel of the previous brand and the new brand. We believe our new company and solution names embrace the evolution of the company and the innovative path we are on.

  • Moving forward, Monolith Software will be named Federos LLC. In time, the names of the related companies, Monolith Technology Holdings, LLC and Monolith Software Services UK Ltd. will be changed to include Federos as well.
  • We deliver an industry leading platform for unified service assurance, Assure1™ (formerly known as AssureNow).
  • Our platform leverages advanced visualization and workflow process provided by Fusion1™ (formerly known as Federos by TDB Fusion).

I’m thrilled to be working with such an exceptional group of people who wake up every day with the goal to come to work ready to eliminate complexity associated with end-to-end service management. I invite you to wake up and join us on this amazing journey.