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Network Tool Consolidation

Network Tool Consolidation for Superior Service Assurance

Legacy network monitoring tools hold back countless organizations. Twenty years of legacy build-up creates complex support infrastructure that can be difficult to change. When are too many tools too many? And what does it take to evolve? Find out how network tool consolidation helps you keep the pace with innovation in today’s industry.

Challenges in achieving superior service assurance


  • Swivel chair management slows down information triage and remediation
  • Costs associated with maintaining numerous disparate tools
  • Costs associated with integrating and unifying disparate and siloed tools
  • Inability to support new business products and services with deteriorating legacy roadmaps
  • Increasing security risk from continued use of legacy tools
Solutions to achieving superior service assurance


  • Introduce network tool consolidation and rationalization
  • Eliminate unnecessary tool-to-tool integration
  • Reduce cost and maintenance by eliminating overlapping tools
  • Abolish swivel chair management and complexity for operators
  • Unify data into a single source of truth for improved data quality with complete visibility across all services
Benefits to achieving superior service assurance


  • Reduce cost and increase scale to the business
  • Align and accelerate business initiatives
  • Optimize operational efficiencies and customer experience
  • Reduce human error
  • Turn up services quickly in agile environments
  • Simplify end-to-end maintenance and upgrades for improved operational support

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End-to-End Service Management

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