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Federos solution - tool consolidation

Tool Consolidation

Consolidating Disparate Tools with a Unified Solution for Superior Service Assurance

15 – 20 years of legacy build-up has created complex support infrastructure that is difficult to change and adapt – when are too many tools too many?

Challenges in achieving superior service assurance


  • Swivel chair management slows down information triage and remediation
  • Costs associated with maintaining numerous disparate tools
  • Costs associated with integrating and unifying disparate and silo’d tools
  • Inability to support new business products and services with deteriorating legacy roadmaps
  • Increasing security risk from continued use of legacy tools
Solutions to achieving superior service assurance


  • Tool rationalization and consolidation
  • Eliminate unnecessary tool-to-tool integration
  • Reduce cost and maintenance by eliminating overlapping tools
  • Abolish swivel chair management and complexity for operators
  • Unify data into a single source of truth for improved data quality with complete visibility across all services.
Benefits to achieving superior service assurance


  • Reduce cost and increase scale to the business
  • Align and accelerate business initiatives
  • Optimize operational efficiencies and customer experience
  • Reduce human error
  • Turn up services quickly in agile environment
  • Simplify end-to-end maintenance and upgrades for improved operational support

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Federos solution - NfV/SDN


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Federos solution - end-to-end service management

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