Federos product - Assure1

Federos product - Assure1

Reducing Outages, OpEx and Customer Churn

Federos Assure1 and Fusion1, have been designed from day-1 to help our customers solve their business challenges.

Assure1 uses AIOps, machine learning and other technologies, to identify accurate root causes in real-time to drive reduction in service outages and to minimize customer impacts. By designing a single, domain and technology agnostic platform, we unify data from across domains to provide end-to-end visibility. Being able to leverage existing tools as data inputs also allows Assure1 to consolidate and simplify operational environments and provide a simpler and lower cost solution to our customers.

Fusion1 solution focuses on the operations centre by reducing the complexity and improving operational efficiency. Fusion1 brings multiple applications together and intelligently links them to allow operators to view cross-application data at a single click. Once we have integrated the applications together, we can then drive automated workflows to deliver further benefits.

Reduce Outages

Reduce OpEx

Reduce Churn

1.     Reduce Outages

The aim of Federos AIOps solutions is to improve the services that are being provided by our customers to their end-customers. Improving services in this way should mean improving revenues and profist too, but certainly we’ll help to reduce the financial risk of broken service level agreements (SLA’s) and the risks of losing customers due to poor service availability.

In a majority of cases, the services offered by our customers are far from simple. They are often complex processes involving many different systems and large amounts of data, logic and multiple output requirements. Without being able to capture data from all of their inputs, our customers are unable to fully understand their own processing or output processes. 

2.     Reduce OpEx

Cost is always a factor in service assurance and the management of services, applications and infrastructure. The operations centre is expected to provide the same or better levels of service at the same or less cost whilst the environments they are attempting to manage and operate become more and more complex and dynamic.