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Modernize Service Management to accelerate NfV/SDN initiatives


Modernize Service Management to accelerate NfV/SDN initiatives

Managing operability in an ever-changing software environment makes it challenging to integrate VNFs without the risk of disrupting support services and impacting the end user experience.  Unacceptable integration with legacy platforms compounds the ability to keep pace with a rapidly changing virtualize infrastructure.

Challenges of accelerating NfV/SDN initiatives


  • Legacy management platforms are overly complicated when trying to integrate with provisioning processes
  • Operations are inundated with new vendors and volume of virtual devices that require onboarding and support
  • Excessive noise from NfV deployments generate false alerts on snap shots and backups.
  • Legacy management platforms are not natively aware of virtual topology
  • Multi-layer physical and virtual infrastructures are not stitched together and require separate management teams to operate
Solutions to accelerate NfV/SDN initiatives


  • Modern and flexible tools are essential over existing legacy tools
  • Complexity increases as hardware becomes virtualized, requiring management of server farms, virtual containers and applications running within those containers
  • Seamless OOTB integration with virtualization managers across all critical service management platforms:
    • Fault
    • Performance
    • Topology
    • Service Management
  • Access to expansive virtual device library, including a growing number of VNF supported vendors
  • Management systems have plug-and-play support for Orchestration and Design engines to enable virtual topology awareness
  • Manage increasing volume of device noise by understanding relationships between virtual and physical topology
Benefits of accelerating NfV/SDN initiatives


  • Seamless OOTB integration with virtualization platforms, including VMware, OpenStack, Azure, AWS, among others
  • Increase speed to support new network devices
  • Connect to orchestrators to discover devices as they turn up, and then automatically validate devices so services can be turned on
  • Integrate with orchestration engines like GDi, Netyce and Ericsson Cloud Manager

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