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Federos solution - end-to-end service management

End-to-End Service Management

Business Aligned Service Assurance, Visibility and Control End to End

When the goal is to continually deliver improved customer service and experience, it requires aligning operational support with business objectives and priorities.  Transforming what you do today to an end-to-end service-centric management environment that delivers the necessary visibility and control.

Challenges in aligning operational support


  • Complexity of service infrastructure continues to increase due to virtualization from servers, storage and networks
  • Discovering and maintaining accurate business server topology and dependencies in virtual environment
  • Data centers have evolved from physical, to virtual, to hybrid, multi-vendor cloud environments that require management
  • Applications moving to micro services based, highly distributed dynamic architecture make end-to-end management more difficult
  • Prioritizing operational activities based on business SLA objectives and compliance
  • Personalizing end-to-end customer service and experience
Solution to align operational support


  • Real-time, cross domain end-to-end service visibility
  • Business topology discovery and impact analysis
  • SLA compliance alerting and reporting
  • Automated service discovery, provisioning and capacity management
  • Platform support for new virtual architectures and hybrid cloud
  • Manage what is important to the business vs managing individual devices
Benefits in aligning operational support


  • Drive team focus to the most critical service issues impacting the business
  • Gain operational efficiencies, improved customer experience and lower operations cost
  • Reduced exposure to SLA penalties and contractual breeches
  • Improved customer experience drives upsell opportunities

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