Federos solution - end-to-end service management

Integrated Service Management

Unified Service Assurance and End-to-End Visibility Control

A superior customer service experience requires aligning operational support with business objectives and priorities. Achieve this goal and transform what you do today with an end-to-end service management environment that delivers the visibility and control you need.

Challenges in aligning operational support


  • Continually increasing complex service infrastructure due to virtualization from servers, storage and networks
  • Discovering and maintaining accurate business server topology and dependencies in a virtual environment
  • The evolution of data centers from physical to virtual and hybrid, multi-vendor cloud environments that require management
  • An increase in microservice-based applications, as well as highly distributed dynamic architecture, that make end-to-end management more difficult
  • Prioritizing operational activities based on business SLA objectives and compliance
  • Personalizing unified service assurance and experience
Solution to align operational support


  • Real-time, cross domain end-to-end service visibility
  • Business topology discovery and impact analysis
  • SLA compliance for alerting and reporting
  • Automated service discovery, provisioning and capacity management
  • Platform support for new virtual architectures and hybrid cloud
  • Manage what is important to the business vs managing individual devices
Benefits in aligning operational support


  • Drive team focus to the most critical service issues impacting the business
  • Gain operational efficiencies, improved customer experience and lower operations cost
  • Reduced exposure to SLA penalties and contractual breeches
  • Improved customer experiences that drive upsell opportunities

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Federos solution - Tool consolidation

Tool Consolidation

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Federos solution - NfV/SDN


Modernize Service Management to accelerate NfV / SDN initiatives

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