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Manage Complex, Data-Intensive 5G Networks

5G rollouts create increasingly complex, virtualized networks that are intolerant of even the smallest degradation. Legacy tools and point solutions can’t cope with the complexity, edge computing, and volume of data produced by 5G networks.

Unified and advanced service assurance solutions are essential to handling the demands of 5G and supporting the services – including IoT estates – that businesses and consumers expect.

With Federos 5G solutions, you can facilitate 5G networks and services by unifying cross-domain data including fault, performance, topology, service management, and more. Leverage and enhance unified data to feed advanced machine learning driven root cause analysis in order to drive the actionable insights and automation that 5G networks require for enhanced service quality.

Challenges in achieving superior service assurance


  • Managing a complex service environment incorporating virtualization, IoT, and edge computing
  • Deriving actionable insights from an increasing volume of data collected by performance, topology, service, and fault management systems
  • Maintaining performance in a 5G environment that’s intolerant of latency and other network degradations
  • Identifying and resolving events and their underlying dependencies proactively to meet customer expectations
  • Slow, reactive processes that extend time to resolution, reducing service quality and diminishing the customer experience
  • Increasing the profitability of existing services and bringing new 5G focused products and services to market faster
Solutions to achieving superior service assurance


  • Cross-domain operations intelligence that leverages data across systems for end-to-end visibility
  • Machine learning that drives automated root cause analysis, provisioning, and capacity management
  • Support for 5G technology and standards along with edge computing, virtual architecture, and hybrid cloud
  • SDN system support with integrated inventory, assurance, and fulfillment to provide enriched alarms and KPIs that facilitate a better customer experience
  • Retiring legacy tools to create a unified operations environment that can leverage data to increase intelligence and drive automated issue resolution
Benefits to achieving superior service assurance


  • Enable effective management of 5G networks to elevate the customer experience and create a strategic market advantage
  • Drive increased operational efficiency and automation to facilitate the shift from reactive to proactive processes
  • Reduce operations center costs to increase ROI and profitability
  • Create an agile, future-proof environment that supports new network devices and fosters strategic services growth

Applying AI Operations to Service Management

Learn to solve problems faster and proactively prevent future issues by using AI for real-time data analysis.

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