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Streamline Service Management Through a Single Experience

By eliminating the complexity associated with end-to-end Service Management, Federos’ Assure1 and Funsion1 simplify, automate and modernize operations centers to improve communications, information and services, providing:

  • A single source of truth for all relevant data
  • End-to-end service visibility to the network
  • Enhanced performance and delivery of services
  • Improved customer experience

Federos’ Product Suite Delivers:

Tool Consolidation

Consolidate Disparate Tools with a Unified Solution for Superior Service Assurance


Modernize Service Management to accelerate NfV / SDN initiatives

End-to-End Service Management

Business Aligned Service Assurance, Visibility and Control End-to-End

Discover how Federos’ Assure1, Fusion1 and the power of 1 can transform your operational and business support systems today.


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