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Always-on businesses rely on always-on services, applications, and infrastructure

Assuring Availability and Performance of Critical Networks and Services at Scale

Preventing service impacting incidents that violate SLAs and cause widespread network outages means protecting the customer experience, avoiding churn and revenue loss.

How? Federos offers AI-optimized and market-leading service assurance, event analytics, and closed-loop automation solutions to give companies actionable insights to prevent and solve incidents with unmatched speed and accuracy at scale. Enabling the transition to the cloud, virtualized and software-defined infrastructures, 5G, and IoT.

The result? Business transformation. Simplified and automated operations. Lower costs. Satisfied customers. Better ROI.

Federos Solutions

Federos solution - end-to-end service management

End-to-End Service Management

Business Aligned Service Assurance, End-to-End Visibility and Control

Federos solution - tool consolidation

Tool Consolidation

Consolidate Disparate Tools with a Unified Solution for Superior Service Assurance

Federos solution - NfV/SDN

NFV/SDN and Cloud

Modernize Service Management to accelerate NFV / SDN and Cloud initiatives

Federos solution - end-to-end service management

5G Assurance

5G Network Management and Service Assurance

The Federos Platform:  AI-Optimized Operational Intelligence


Integrate data and applications from across your business in a single unified platform. Reduce complexity and cost by consolidating legacy and existing tools.

Leverages AIOps and unites fault, performance, topology, and service management into an integrated and scalable platform.


Enrich, suppress, compress and correlate events. Automate tasks and workflows to improve efficiency and reduce outages.

Includes machine learning analytics and automation capabilities that fully leverage and enrich operational data to drive actionable insights and lower operational costs


Produce actionable insights using Machine Learning. Perform root cause and impact analysis using multiple correlation techniques.

Accelerates customers’ ability to simplify, automate, and transform their operating environments in their quest to zero service downtime.

Assure1 drives higher business availability by unifying fault, performance, topology, and service management and leveraging AIOps to assure the availability and performance of your business services, applications and infrastructure.


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