Here at TMF Live 2016, I was fortunate to get more educated on the newest industry initiatives. At the Smart City Dublin forum, the subject was how municipalities can save money and better enable their citizenry. These opportunities are not being driven by cities themselves, but by innovative service providers offering exciting new services. Cities have assets, like right-of-ways. Cities have advancing needs, like tourism empowering free wifi.  Cities have challenges, like reducing budgets and stodgy policies. While other service providers may shy away from engagement, others see this challenges as opportunities for new products and revenues.

The concept is simple. Leverage the right aways (lamp posts), engage your NEPs, and install a wifi network enabled by advertising. Smart cities can share in the ad-based profits and provide new tourist engaging services to grow the local community. Through this service, provide a portal to citizens and tourists alike showing off the local digital economy. Provide multi-tenant access showing other services from garbage collection to power outage notifications to enrich the peoples knowledge and grow the cities automation potential. Reduce the cost and redundancy of all the services (basic to advanced) that the city is chartered to provide.

Where does service assurance come in? The digital world is a unifying force. Providing a single pane of glass is common sense, but unfortunately not common place.   Once deployed, the quality of city’s services define their brand. The analog and digital services will need to be assured. Proactive engagement is no longer a nice-to-have, its expected. Leveraging a service assurance solution with proactive portal across all services will enable the smart city revolution.

Service providers, government, and equipment manufactures can be brought together to provide revenue positive new services (ie Dublin). The question is how will service providers assure the quality and engage the populace? Answer. Unified Service Assurance.

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