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Always-on businesses rely on always-on services, applications, and infrastructure

Professional Services

Since 2005, Federos have continued to build a team of very experienced and highly skilled people to design, develop, deploy and support leading-edge service assurance solutions to service providers and enterprises across the world.

We pride ourselves in understanding the challenges being faced by our customers and being able to solve them using our solutions – whether it is helping operational efficiency by linking disparate applications together with our Fusion1 solution or using machine learning in our AI-driven Assure1 solution to identify accurate actionable insights and drive automation.

With more recent technologies such as virtualization, 5G and IoT driving the need for customers to transform their businesses, we appreciate that an agile and flexible approach to implementing service assurance as part of transformation is needed. To achieve this, we have developed our proven L.E.A.R.N. approach.


Federos provided adaptable support structures to meet the needs of our customers and partners. Build on ITIL and ITSMF methodologies and best practices, our solution support is much more than simply product support – we understand how you are using our solutions.

Our support packages can include a number of options including:

  • Options from 8×5 business hours to 24×7 solution support
  • Web-based ticketing system
  • Telephone and email support
  • Proactive remote monitoring
  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager
  • Quarterly audits to ensure best practices are being used
  • Access to technical WiKi and forums


Federos offers comprehensive training classes for our Assure1 and Fusion1 solutions.

Our comprehensive, flexible training portfolio is focused on helping our customers and partners develop an understanding of the solutions Federos offer so that they are ready to implement, configure and use our solutions to drive assurance of their critical services.

We have a comprehensive LMS platform with a large selection of online courses and certifications available for 24/7 learning anywhere. We also offer instructor lead training which can be offered remotely or on customer premises. Our instructors have worked with our solutions and are experienced trainers and engineers so that they can provide real-world scenarios and anecdotes throughout the training.

Federos Plan for Success – L.E.A.R.N


Use Assure1 to connect to and collect data from existing systems. Assure1 unifies data sources and normalizes all data into a common format to provide full visibility across domains and data which was previously held in separate silos.


Enhance the value to the data being collected and fill the functional gaps that were beyond the capability of the legacy tools (e.g. root cause analysis, automation).


Add new data sources directly to Assure1. These can be physical, virtual devices, applications, services and reference systems.


Systematically replace legacy data feeds and gracefully retire redundant applications and systems to drive cost and resource reductions.


Ensure everything is running optimally – training completed, operators are fully enabled, automations are running efficiently and AI policies are producing the correct results.

The Federos Platform:  AI-Driven Operational Intelligence


Integrate data and applications from across your business in a single unified platform. Reduce complexity and cost by consolidating legacy and existing tools.

Leverages AIOps and unites fault, performance, topology, and service management into an integrated and scalable platform.


Enrich, suppress, compress and correlate events. Automate tasks and workflows to improve efficiency and reduce outages.

Includes machine learning analytics and automation capabilities that fully leverage and enrich operational data to drive actionable insights and lower operational costs


Produce actionable insights using Machine Learning. Perform root cause and impact analysis using multiple correlation techniques.

Accelerates customers’ ability to simplify, automate, and transform their operating environments in their quest to zero service downtime.

Assure1 drives higher business availability by unifying fault, performance, topology, and service management and leveraging AIOps to assure the availability and performance of your business services, applications and infrastructure.

Fusion1 provides a platform to integrate your business applications together and to use cross-application workflow automation to improve your operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer experience.

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