Federos enables CSPs and enterprises to improve quality of service and customer experience by unifying and using cross-domain data for service assurance.

The Assure1 solution unifies data across domains into a single platform and uses this data to perform real-time analytics, machine learning and automation. Assure1’s machine learning and insights speed up issue detection and resolution times to reduce outages and enhance customer experience. 

It takes two humans 20 minutes to identify a fiber cut. With Federos Assure1, it takes less than a minute.

Service Assurance - Root Cause Analysis

Improve Service Levels with Proactive Operations

Transform reactive processes into proactive operations. Detect issues faster, identify root causes, correlate inventory and underlying dependencies, and proactively resolve problems before service level is impacted.

  • Maximize the value in your data by unifying and performing advanced analysis to identify anomalies and trends
  • Reduce issue detection and fix times with intelligent root cause analysis using machine learning to generate accurate, actionable insights
  • Improve operational productivity and service availability by automating repetitive tasks and issue resolution 

For one customer, Assure1 reduced opex by 40%, reduced headcount by 50%, and allowed a 5:1 site consolidation.

Consolidate and Retire Legacy Systems

Improve ROI and reduce opex by consolidating tools and retiring maintenance-intensive legacy systems. Assure1 includes:

  • Event and Fault Management
  • Performance Management
  • Topology and Inventory Discovery
  • Service Management 
  • Machine Learning and Event Analytics
  • Automation 
  • Visualization and Reporting
Federos Unified Service Assurance Platform

Future Proof Operations

Use Assure1 to increase network scalability, improve performance functionality, speed up reaction time to future proof operations. Support network functions virtualization and prepare your organization for the near zero downtime and intolerance for latency that come with new technologies like 5G.

Technology to Improve Service Assurance

Federos’ unified service assurance platform allows CSPs and enterprises to leverage data to drive advanced machine learning based root cause analysis and automation. Increased operational efficiency and tool consolidation improve ROI and service assurance today while setting organizations up for success with new technology in the future.

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