Federos provides root cause analysis software that leverages a unified operations environment and machine learning to identify the root cause of recurring issues quickly and accurately.

Our Assure1 solution combines cross-domain data into a single platform and uses machine learning and several other techniques in order to deliver accurate root cause analysis. Assure1 helps improve service so businesses and CSPs can reduce costs, elevate the customer experience, and improve the profitability of existing products and services.

  • 10% reduction in gross alarms with machine learning cluster correlation
  • 40% reduction in opex
  • 17X greater scalability for fault and performance management

The Assure1 solution unifies data across domains into a single platform and uses this data to perform real-time analytics, machine learning and automation. Assure1’s machine learning and insights speed up issue detection and resolution times to reduce outages and enhance customer experience. 

Service Assurance - Root Cause Analysis

Reduce Time to Issue Identification and Resolution

Identify issues up to 95% faster by feeding data from multiple critical sources into Assure1 and using its advanced root cause analysis software.

It takes one human 20 minutes to identify that a critical interface is down. With Assure1’s root cause analysis using machine learning, it takes less than a minute.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Solve problems before they impact customers. Assure1’s advanced root cause analysis software uses topology-, human knowledge-, and machine learning-based techniques to reveal hidden issues that can result in future outages so fixes can be implemented before service and customers are affected.

“With this transformation we’re building a solid, seamless platform for scalable growth. As a leading telecom operator in Europe, we continually strive to drive efficiencies in operating expenses as we grow, while delivering leading edge-services. Our Federos platform has dramatically reduced costs while accelerating speed-to-market for service offerings and proactive customer-facing visibility.”
–Heinz Kotar, Head of NOC and OSS at Hutchinson Drei Austria

Root Cause Analysis Software for CSPs and Enterprises

Federos provides a unified service assurance and management platform with built-in root cause analysis software using machine learning and automation. We help CSPs and enterprises improve their quality of service and customer experience by accurately and quickly identifying the root cause of issues and to drive automation to improve service and customer experience as well as scale new technology, products, and services to increase profitability.