It’s not news that organizations are increasingly dependent on their networks to conduct business, and that gaps in network visibility put businesses at risk. Network blind spots impact the network operations team’s ability to monitor and manage the network availability and performance – an important issue since network topology is often used as a first step in problem diagnosis.

In this white paper, we explain how Assure1® Universal Topology™ provides an end-to-end, cross-domain view of the entire network – across all layers and service infrastructure underpinning business operations – eliminating network visibility gaps and reducing time to resolution of issues.

White Paper - Closed Loop


The challenge with network visibility stems from both the exponential increase in the number of devices and the way they are connected within complex environments.

Topology and Network data is often held in systems which are:

  • Out-of-sync and incomplete: Assurance systems that depend on topology must try to combine multiple inventory systems to get the ‘full picture’, but they are typically out of sync with the reality of the network
  • Lack scale: Most assurance systems that leverage topology can only deal with small sections and limited topological plans
  • One OSI layer at a time: Cross-domain topological correlation has traditionally been very difficult to achieve, making root cause identification on a multi-layer network difficult

The cloudification and virtualization of network environments, along with the explosion of network devices brought by 5G and IoT, have increased the complexity of solving the visibility gap problem.

Acquisitions of networks also add to this lack of a consolidated view of topology, which makes network troubleshooting a slow, manually intensive, and costly process.

Networks of any size require up to date topology information in a format that is relevant to their business – in order to help them troubleshoot and resolve problems efficiently and quickly.

An effective solution needs to capture topology and service information in real-time, across disparate sources, in a changing topological landscape and effortlessly stitch them together across domain layers for a consolidated view of the network.

Assure1 Universal Topology solves the network visibility problem. It dynamically consumes topology information from multi-domain data sources and instantly displays an exact representation of physical and virtual devices. It also displays fault, performance, health, and service management status so operators can understand network activities and status in real-time – or go back in time to see the topological changes as they occurred and understand the impact of those changes over time.

The result is an end-to-end, cross-domain view of the entire network and faster time to resolution of issues.