Cloud, virtualization, 5G, and IoT technologies are rapidly evolving and provide huge business opportunities, but there are some challenges that may be preventing you from capitalizing on those advancements:

  • Overlapping costly technology domains
  • Disconnected fulfillment and assurance processes
  • High levels of manual human intervention

Advanced technologies require advance network solutions – and a single view. Your network operations need to keep up, or your business falls behind. If you’re faced with these challenges — you’re not alone.

In this white paper you can read how network federation – the aggregation of existing data and systems that provide a single view of the network and the basis for the effective application of AI/ML for actionable insights – can be used to enable an evolutionary approach to network operations transformation.

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White Paper - Closed Loop


The world of software-enabled networks (SDN/NFV) promises a future with cloud-native levels of automation and operational cost. However, the real world still has a combination of physical / virtual / hybrid networks, disconnected fulfillment and assurance processes, complex and overlapping technology domains, and high levels of manual human intervention. “Big-bang” transformations of IT operations from legacy to next-generation have frequently failed.

Federation – the aggregation of existing data and systems – is an enabler of an evolutionary approach to network transformation and automation that is key to program success. It allows organizations to gain a single view from which AI/ML can truly learn and provide actionable insights. Federation of network state, assurance data, and the status of assurance processes will be a key enabler for the extensive utilization of AI/ML which will ultimately allow a fully automated closed loop control of networks and services.

Federos provides an enabling platform for real-time federation of the network from existing management system data and data taken directly from devices, such as SNMP traps. This provides a foundation on which AI/ML assurance intelligence can be built – making it an enabler for transformation of network assurance and analytics for Communication Service Providers (MSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and other enterprises.