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Learn how Assure1 and Fusion1 solve the problems associated with service assurance and unified monitoring of Network and IT operations.

Closed Loop Assurance – It’s what’s MiA with NfV

Faster time to market requires a new kind of service assurance. The rush to virtualize our world, has passed furiously through the server and storage markets with great speed and success. Infrastructure has consolidated, services are more robustly managed,

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Operational Support System – Transforming Businesses into Thrivers

When transforming your business into a Digital Services Provider (DSP), or when driving Operational Support System (OSS) change, the business’s immediate needs must be addressed while supporting the new digital services market.

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Analysys Mason Profile of Federos

This analyst profile discusses the Federos product suite that integrates the three important facets of service assurance – performance monitoring, fault and event management with full topology, and service management capabilities.

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Consolidating Disparate Tools with a Unified Service Assurance Solution

Replacing multiple IT and OSS service assurance tools with a single unified service assurance platform dramatically reduces operating costs while improving operational

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Heavy Reading – Service Assurance in a Virtualized Service World

This Heavy Reading white paper by analyst Ari Banerjee reviews the appeal of one of the biggest trends in telecom today SDN (Software Defined Networking) SDN and NFV

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Key to Service Assurance is Unified and Normalized Data

A real-time, top-down as well as end-to-end service assurance view is essential to meet customer and business expectations.

This has been challenging to get because of the disparate tools sets the IT and operations teams are saddle with

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Mobile Service Assurance is Possible

The challenges for mobile service providers are vast and growing, between interoperability among vendors, sharing RANs, and explosive growth. Service assurance is being impacted because of a lack of automation, unified end-to-end views, and future-friendly solutions.

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Unified Approach to End-to-End Service Assurance

To meet customer and business expectations of high quality services, a unified, top-down, real-time service view across domains is essential. It is key to Business Service Management (BSM) and Customer Experience Management (CEM). Such a unified service assurance approach is transformational for both IT and Operations Support System (OSS) organizations and results in a customer-focused business that increases customer satisfaction and therefore revenue while at the same time reducing costs through automation.

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