Learn how Digicel consolidated 5 NOCs distributed across countries into a single global NOC, improved customer services, and reduced costs with Assure1®

Customers have no tolerance for downtime, and without a high-functioning NOC, businesses will face: higher costs, widespread outages, SLA violations, and customer churn.

Digicel wanted to expand into new markets and provide new services while reducing operational costs. They had a distributed network management environment, with separate NOCs in Jamaica, Trinidad, Panama, El Salvador, and Haiti using redundant legacy tools from IBM and BMC.

Digicel consolidated the 5 NOCs distributed across multiple countries into a single global NOC, improved operational efficiency and customer service, and significantly reduced costs – all enabled by Assure1®.

This webinar will give you:

  • A look at an effective NOC transformation, pre- and post-condition
  • A direct testimonial from the Digicel team themselves on how they did it
  • The approach used and the key benefits of the solutions that enabled it

Register today to see what it takes to:

  • Reduce operational costs and improve operational performance
  • Maximize the uptime of critical networks and services
  • Future-proof your environment for new business demands and scale
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