Is your network management stuck in the 90s?

A network architect is at a diner and the waiter walks over. 

Waiter:  Welcome to the NOC ‘90s Diner, what can I get for you? Today’s special is legacy tools à la mode.

Customer: Just bring me a plate of complexity with a side of swelling alarm noise.  And for dessert, I’d really like my network to go down.

Does this sound familiar?  Well maybe not literally but Federos wants to help you put things in context.

Get ready to be served-up an alternative to ineffective and costly mainstream service management solutions.

We will show you how having an actionable view of workflow processes that span business and IT operations systems will optimize services, improve customer experience and reduce operational costs providing a path to automation and AIOps.

Listen to our 30-minute lunch discussion with subject matter experts to hear how Federos delivers in this environment, providing organizations with contextual views of IT operations and management systems in a single dashboard.

The next-generation Federos solutions provide integrated service management, workflow automation and contextual visualization of large, complex service and operating systems to accelerate the digital transformation of carrier and enterprise networks.

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