LEAP’ing into Digital Transformation – Part II

As mentioned in Part 1 of my blog, our TMForum Catalyst project this year, titled AI LEAP, covers a number of areas. Yesterday, I examined improving the quality and accuracy of inventory data using machine learning and AI and today, I will look at the detection of anomalies and deviating signals across several use cases. Event Analytics and Machine Learning Using solutions from Federos and Arago with data analysis supported by algorithms developed by Galileo Software, the AI LEAP project focused on three areas where event analysis and machine learning could be applied to drive more intelligent automation. 1. [...]

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LEAP’ing into Digital Transformation – Part I

This week I am at the TMForum’s Digital Transformation World in Nice. Having attended Carrier events throughout most of my career, this particular opportunity however is my first to get hands-on with a TMForum Catalyst project. The Catalysts, which develop over time and mature in deliverability by being showcased at multiple TMForum events bring together companies to work collaboratively to build innovative solutions to challenges.  This year Federos was eager to participate alongside AT&T, BT and Orange to collaborate on the AI LEAP Catalyst project. Along with these champions of industry, we were joined by Galileo Software, Arago and [...]

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Accelerate Digital Transformation with AI

To enhance customer experience, many Service Providers are in the early phases of evolving their networks to support newer technologies such as SDN, NFV and 5G. One of the core drivers for this transformation is to distinguish themselves in a saturated market by being more efficient with their operating processes and to provide faster and higher quality new service offerings - all of which translates to delivering a better customer experience. Because transformation is complex, a phased approach to minimize risk and to get some ‘quick wins’ by implementing small changes to achieve results faster and use fewer resources over [...]

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Using Automation to Drive Digital Transformation

“Digital transformation” has long been a buzzword for organizations looking to remain competitive but undergoing a full digital transformation can be intimidating, especially when your organization has been using the same familiar processes for years. With complex legacy environments and the risks associated with change also being considered, it’s often unclear where to begin. Introducing automation-based technology into your current processes provides an opportunity to begin driving digital transformation throughout your organization. Leveraging machine learning and analytics, automation is a powerful tool that can perform actions with minimal or no human assistance, providing significant improvements in efficiencies across the [...]

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Waiting for 5G

Having returned from Mobile World Congress, it seems there is not a thing that won’t be possible once 5G is broadly deployed. The most lucrative appeal for many service providers is the drive for increased profitability, improved agility and scalable efficiencies to be the first and best provider to offer new and exciting customer experiences. In this context, 5G appears to offer a miracle cure, but can lead to some awkward conversations between technology vendors and operators about introducing and integrating new solutions that will both drive and support digital transformation in the long run. One thing is for [...]

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Bring On the Visual Intelligence!

Using dynamic context mapping to improve operator efficiency and customer experience I’ve been in this industry for well over 30 years and have seen a lot of changes in that time. While many of the problems and challenges faced by IT and network operators have been resolved, some have just got worse. Whether you are trying to manage and operate the environment in a CSP, MSP, mobile/wireless, cable or enterprise, there is a constant demand to do your job more efficiently, with less resources in an ever increasingly complex and dynamic environment . With the introduction of new technologies like virtualization that provide the ability [...]

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