What are the 3 things Federos and Apollo 11 have in common?

It would make a great film script, if it hadn’t actually happened of course… INT: APOLLO 11 LUNAR MODULE, July 20th, 1969 Two astronauts are intensely focused… BUZZ ALDRIN “Got the Earth straight out our front window.” NEIL ARMSTRONG “Sure do. Houston, [I hope] you’re looking at our Delta-H.” Armstrong is focussed on landing onto the Moon’s surface. He has just 30,000 feet to go… INT: HOUSTON MISSION CONTROL Charlie Duke and backup crew members Jim Lovell and Fred Haise in Mission Control during Apollo 11’s descent. CHARLIE DUKE “That’s affirmative.” The whole room in Houston Mission [...]

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Telcos look before they leap with automation

Watch BT's Jose Domingos and Federos' Andrea Reichstein discuss the Catalyst project Telcos look before they leap with automation (This story was initially published on TM Forum Inform June 2019, contributed by Sarah Wray, Freelance Writer & Editor) A TM Forum Catalyst proof of concept is using real data to demonstrate how communications service providers (CSPs) can improve the quality of their data to make way for more accurate automation. Early results are encouraging with BT improving data accuracy by up to 3%. Automation offers huge opportunities for CSPs to improve services and reduce costs. It goes beyond these benefits, [...]

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It’s a Wrap at the 2019 Young Enterprise South East Finals

I fondly remember of the famous ‘The 4 Yorkshiremen’ sketch by Monty Python. If you are not familiar with the sketch, it involves four well-dressed men sitting together at a vacation resort, with ‘Farewell to Thee’ being played in the background on the Ukulele. As they reminisce “the bad old days” – each man recounts a more harsh experience than the previous. The final four conversations are… Terry Jones: Well we had it tough. We used to have to get up out of the shoebox at twelve o’clock at night, and LICK the road clean with our tongues. We had [...]

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Federos Replaces Legacy Applications at HTC, Inc., Nation’s Largest Telecom Cooperative

Assure1 software-defined operations platform unifies service assurance of fiber optic network and ends support for older monitoring tools  FRISCO, Texas — June 26, 2019  — Federos, the leading provider of service operations analytics solutions for telecommunications service providers, managed service providers and enterprises, today announced that Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (HTC) has deployed the Assure1 solution to replace its legacy application for service assurance and fault management. Providing consolidation for fault, performance and topology on a unified platform, the Federos solution vastly improves data and event correlation in the Network Operations Center. “Since deploying the Assure1 solution, we have [...]

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LEAP’ing into Digital Transformation – Part II

As mentioned in Part 1 of my blog, our TMForum Catalyst project this year, titled AI LEAP, covers a number of areas. Yesterday, I examined improving the quality and accuracy of inventory data using machine learning and AI and today, I will look at the detection of anomalies and deviating signals across several use cases. Event Analytics and Machine Learning Using solutions from Federos and Arago with data analysis supported by algorithms developed by Galileo Software, the AI LEAP project focused on three areas where event analysis and machine learning could be applied to drive more intelligent automation. 1. [...]

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LEAP’ing into Digital Transformation – Part I

This week I am at the TMForum’s Digital Transformation World in Nice. Having attended Carrier events throughout most of my career, this particular opportunity however is my first to get hands-on with a TMForum Catalyst project. The Catalysts, which develop over time and mature in deliverability by being showcased at multiple TMForum events bring together companies to work collaboratively to build innovative solutions to challenges.  This year Federos was eager to participate alongside AT&T, BT and Orange to collaborate on the AI LEAP Catalyst project. Along with these champions of industry, we were joined by Galileo Software, Arago and [...]

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