5 Keys to a More Automated Network Operations Center (NOC)

Why is automation critical to an efficient NOC?  In the IT industry, we understand that more automation and Machine Learning (ML) will get IT operations to the next level. Many providers are anxious to make the leap from Service to Value, as illustrated in the Gartner chart below. Automation is truly the only way to get there. The Problem The key to a healthy, efficient NOC is the seamless flow of information that leads to an automated solution — before a customer ever feels the impact of an outage. However, many NOCs [...]

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Assure1: Real-time Network Federation Enables Universal Topology & NOC Transformation

The promise of automation and lower costs meets real-world complexity The world of software-enabled networks (SDN/NFV) promises a future with cloud-native levels of automation and operational costs. However, the real world is still characterized by a combination of: Physical/virtual/hybrid networks Disconnected fulfillment and assurance processes Complex and overlapping technology domains High levels of manual human intervention On top of that, “big-bang” transformations of IT operations from legacy to next-generation have frequently failed in the past. So, how are businesses supposed to adapt with growing complexities without forcing a flawed transformation over night? Let’s talk about that. Federation, the fail-safe [...]

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The 1-2-3s of Assure1® Release Security

At Federos®, we have always taken security very seriously. Our customers run some of the largest networks on the planet and rely on Assure1® to provide safe and reliable monitoring and visibility to their entire network operations 24x7x365. Assure1 follows an agile software development process that allows Federos to provide a continuous flow of software enhancements, incremental improvements, and defect fixes. The key to software distribution, however, lies in the multiple security layers instituted by our processes. This ensures that the code our customers receive is what we packaged, tested, and validated through our rigorous internal processes. Assure1 Package [...]

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How Healthy is Your NOC Environment?

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is the lifeline of a business’ services. This is where critical networks and systems live, continuously monitored for availability and performance. The NOC environment — everything that makes up the NOC, from tools to workers — varies from business to business. And usually, that means some are “healthier” than others. Everyone at Federos understands the pains experienced in the NOC because we’ve been there. We know what’s needed to keep the NOC environment strong, but many don’t. That’s why we’re going to break down the aspects of a healthy NOC, so you can get [...]

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At Federos, we thrive on Data Science problems – and Assure1’s RCA3 sure loves to solve them!

Failure to Communicate. Working in the Network Operations Center (NOC) for many years with the various problems that presented themselves to the operations team, we’d often look to the tools that failed to ferret out issues and would instantly recall a line from a Paul Newman classic film “Cool Hand Luke”: “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” In the film, Strother Martin played the infamous Captain of Road Prison 36, who cites the same line to the prisoners to clarify his beating of a disobedient Luke (Paul Newman). Captain was not able to understand Luke, and Luke [...]

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Secret Agents can help improve the operational health of your business. Assure1 makes it easy.

Secret Agents. The stuff of James Bond legend. But there is another kind of Secret Agent that lives amidst our technology-driven lives. They live on your phone; they live on your television and on your home internet router.  And they also live throughout your business’ infrastructure performing a crucial service. Literally every agent's job, just as in real life, is to closely monitor and inform. They often speak different languages too; not Russian or Chinese, but languages like SNMP, SOAP, and JSON.  And every agent uses secretly coded messages. Every agent on every device has his secret code book; [...]

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