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Partnership expansion with Federos and TSP DATA

Federos and TSP DATA announce partnership Frisco, Texas — December 5, 2019 —Federos, the leading provider of AI-Driven business assurance solutions for telecommunications service providers, managed service providers and enterprises, today announced that it had signed a partnership with TSP DATA, a leading ICT service management solution provider and operational support services solutions implementer in the Central Europe region, to resell solutions and services. “TSP DATA is a trusted partner to many of the large enterprises and telecom providers in the Eastern European region’’ said Francine Heywood, VP Sales at Federos. “TSP DATA uses its unique blend of expert industry [...]

Assure1 v5 Delivers Significant Scalability, Performance and Usability Enhancements

Assure1 extends machine learning capabilities and enables Service Providers and Enterprises to manage virtualized networks, 5G and IoT at large scale FRISCO, Texas — October 29, 2019  — Federos, the leading provider of AI-driven solutions that assure availability and performance of services, applications and infrastructure that businesses rely on, today announced version 5.1 of its Assure1 platform. With this new version, Assure1 provides new and enhanced capabilities that support the management of mission-critical services and applications. “Many cloud-based and virtualized network services, as well as 5G and IoT services, require near zero downtime. They are also generating ever-increasing volumes [...]

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5 Thoughts from Total Telecom Congress 2019

Total Telecom Congress 2019: 5 thoughts… 1. 5G isn’t easy The opening presentation at Total Telecom Congress in London this week was entitled “Saving the Industry from 5G” – perhaps not the most upbeat and positive of titles for an opening session of a CSP focused conference. But it did recognise the challenges of 5G that service providers already face – and there are many. Alexandre Fonseca, the CEO of Altice Portugal, didn’t hold back with his criticism of his local regulator stating, “We are behind on 5G purely due to the inadequacy and incompetence of our regulator”. But [...]

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AIOps Machine Learning: Your Lifeline when Facing a Tsunami of Data

Understanding the challenges of managing data at scale The multiple challenges of operating ever more complex environments are well known. The most common we hear when we are speaking with our customers and partners are based around the vast amount of data now being produced and the quality of it. These aren’t new problems when it comes to network availability and performance monitoring. When I started working in this area in the late 1990s, Network Operations Centers (NOCs) were already drowning in the amount of data being produced. Back then, in the early days of systems and network management [...]

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5 Demands Driving Network Functions Virtualization (NfV) Adoption

Network functions virtualization (NfV) is the use of virtualization technologies in order to manage core networking functions using software rather than hardware. The use of NfV to separate functions such as routing, firewalls, address translation and domain name services allows CSPs to streamline processes, improving system flexibility and agility while controlling costs. Interest in NfV is on the rise – with the market growing from $1.2 billion in 2014, to an estimated $19.1 billion by 2020[1]. A study from McKinsey[2] found that telecom customer satisfaction is directly related to digitization: the more digitized the journey, the more satisfied the [...]

IT Service Management, IT Operations Management and AIOps: Evaluation Criteria

With the ever-increasing complexity and dynamism of IT environments, the ability to provide an end-to-end view of the infrastructure becomes more difficult and critical to deliver. In order to try to simplify the challenge that businesses face when it comes to operating and managing these environments, a number of standards, frameworks, processes and categories have been defined over the past few years. IT Operations Management (ITOM) software is intended to represent all the tools needed to manage the provisioning, capacity, performance and availability of the computing, networking and application environment. IT Service Management (ITSM) focuses on how an organization [...]

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