Detailed product and solution data sheets about Federos’ Assure1.

Assure1 Overview

Please read this Assure1 overview, on how to unify, simplify, and automate service assurance to accelerate new service delivery, and significantly reduce operations costs and enhance customer experience.

Fault Management

Assure1 Fault Management is a unified Manager of Managers that monitors the entire infrastructure from a single console, providing the foundation for a customer- and service-focused operations center.

Performance Management

Learn how a Assure1 Performance Management provides a service quality managed solution for identifying potential incidents before they occur with proactive monitoring of Key Performance.

Service Management

Assure1 Service Management’s integrated approach enables service providers and IT organizations to focus easily on issues impacting  customers and the business, rather than on technologies.


Provides integrated auto-discovery, topology mapping and root-cause analysis to give customers a dynamic representation of the network and service infrastructure underpinning business operations.

Machine Learning and Event Analytics

Assure1 understands the patterns of behavior of operational data because it captures information across service and event data from all direct and indirect sources in your environment.