Discover how Tier 1 telecommunications, managed service providers and enterprises have simplified service management with Federos’ Assure1  and Fusion1.

Fusion1 - Case Studies

Aureon Manages up to 900,000 Events With Just Three Full-Time Technicians

The Assure1 platform created a dashboard of information that helps the company’s technicians decrease reaction time and reduce operational costs.
Fusion1 - Case Studies

Reduced Ticket Volume by 75% with Assure1

During the event correlation phase of the Assure1 roll-out NDS has seen significant reduction in ticket generation volume and a significant increase in employee productivity.

40% reduction in operating expense in the first four years

With the implementation of the unified service assurance solution from Federos, open eir significantly decreased network management costs and increased productivity – transitioning 114 staff members down to only 49 FTEs, and consolidating almost all software systems into one platform.

Fusion1 - Case Studies

Eirteic partnered with Manx to provide an end-to-end mobile service assurance platform through the implementation of Assure1

Fault and performance data was unified into a single mobile service assurance solution. The solution presented administrators with a simplified, realtime view of service quality indicators.

Fusion1 - Case Studies

Federos helps consolidate and harmonize Oracle’s global network management.

Working with the Federos environment, the Oracle team is now polling three times the number of metrics on one-fifth of their environment using a single server.

Fusion1 - Case Studies

Tele2 Austria’s managed services division had a network management environment that was distributed across Netcool Omnibus, Impact, and Proviso, with some Nagios mixed in, and it was integrated with Cramer and Remedy.

With the implementation of the single, unified service assurance solution from Federos, Tele2 slashed network management costs and introduced a new level of business agility.

Service Providers

Federos Integration & Automation for Service Providers and their Clients

Fusion1 was selected by the service provider to support a major project with one of the service provider’s international customers.

Tier 1 Bank

Federos Selected by Tier 1 Bank

Fusion1 ensures best practice, standardized processes and methodology and is enabling IT to integrate, automate and innovate, saving, time, money and  resources for Tier 1 Bank.