Fusion1 - Unified Visualization

Unified Visualization

Fusion1 for Unified Systems Management

Manage multiple IT operations and management environments using a unified visualization solution. Get insight into existing multi-vendor systems and develop customizable business process-lead integrations using Fusion1.

Fusion1 uses a library of adapters and modules to quickly and effectively integrate with your technical systems and operational environments.

Fusion1 supports a wide range of devices to protect and manage your investments. The key to unified management comes from Fusion1’s powerful workflow management capabilities. Easily automate actions and build out processes using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Key Capabilities

Fusion1 - Contextual Views

Contextual Views

Get a contextual view of multiple environments with Fusion1. Use a single user interface to enable portal actions and simultaneously drive multiple management systems. Fusion1 reduces task-switching inefficiencies, improves data integrity and enables new business value by integrating multiple operations management systems into one platform.

Fusion1 - Accelerated API Discovery and Integration

Accelerated API Discovery and Integration

Fusion1 delivers extensible plug-in capabilities and supports ITIL disciplines by combining integration APIs with portal applications. Support integration with systems management, network management, and data center management tools from a comprehensive library of multi-vendor modules.

Fusion1 - Unified Service Management

Single Pane Contextual Application Display

Visualize, integrate, control and manage business systems and services using a single interface with Fusion1. The unified management of IT operational systems breaks down silos across groups and creates efficiency using automation driven by workflows.

Fusion1 - Automated and Interactive Workflows

Automated and Interactive Workflows

Enable managers and business analysts to define and deploy processes, automate repetitive tasks and streamline operations using Fusion1. Manually or automatically trigger workflows using the orchestration capabilities of Fusion1’s workflow engine.

Unified Operations Management Key Benefits

  • Leverages existing investments creating new and innovative service offerings

  • Promotes business agility by using plug-in modules

  • Reduces costs by automating workflows and processes

  • Improves data integrity through audited ITIL processes

  • Provides a unified visualization of existing management tools with integrated, contextualized data

Fusion1 - Key Benefits - Unified Visualization
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Fusion1 - Process Workflow

Fusion1 for Process Workflow

Automate Workflows and Eliminate Risk Using Process Orchestration

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