Fusion1 - Process Workflow

Process Workflow

A Workflow Product for Automating Repetitive Tasks and Eliminating Risk

Create a foundation on which your organization integrates, automates and unifies business operations. Choose Fusion1, a powerful business process engine coupled with standardized, RESTful application integration. Learn how its key capabilities can benefit your process and workflow initiatives now.

A graphic representation of the Fusion1 process and workflow product application

Key Capabilities

Business Process Engine

Streamline operations by automating repetitive, manual processes and tasks with Federos’ Fusion1 Business Process Engine (BPM).

Automated Workflows

Initiate and fully automate the workflow life cycle through Fusion1 APIs or require a human operator for validation, compliance and approval.

Accelerated API Discovery and Integration

Quickly integrate legacy applications with existing workflows using proprietary API technology. Achieve accelerated automation development and deployment.


Fusion1 - Unified Visualization

Fusion1 for Unified Visualization

Unified Visualizations Across IT Operations and Management Systems Using Integrated Workflows

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