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Fusion1 - Process Workflow

Process Workflow

Process Orchestration for Automating Repetitive Tasks and Eliminating Risk from Human intervention.

A powerful business process engine coupled with standardized RESTful application integration creates the foundation for organizations to integrate, automate, and unify business operations.

Fusion1 - Workflow Integration

Key Capabilities

Business Process Engine

Federos Fusion1’s Business Process Engine (BPM) automates repetitive, manual processes and tasks to streamline operations.

Automated Workflows

Workflow automation can be initiated by either Federos Fusion1 APIs or a human operator. The workflow lifecycle can then be fully automated or include human validation for compliance and approval.

Accelerated API Discovery and Integration

Quickly integrate legacy applications with existing workflows through the use of proprietary API technology. This accelerates the development and deployment of the automation.

Key Benefits

  • Increase cost avoidance and costs reductions as more processes, systems and people are integrated into the system by reducing data errors and task duplication

  • Improve and measure efficiency to reduce costs

  • Reduce data quality issues

  • Improve resolution time

  • Reduce outages from operator error

  • Compliance

  • Scalability of operations team

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Fusion1 - Unified Visualization

Unified Visualization

Provides Single Pane of Glass and Integrated Workflows

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