Assure1 - Topology

Network Topology Software

Topology Map of Your Infrastructure and Services

Assure1’s topology manager provides integrated auto-discovery, topology mapping and root-cause analysis to give customers a dynamic representation of the network and service infrastructure underpinning business operations.

Key Capabilities

Auto Discovery, Mapping, and Visualization

Auto Discovery, Mapping and Visualization of Network and Services

Discover layer 1 – 7 device and services to create dynamic topology-based maps, and present real-time status indicators for each node. Enables visualization of physical and virtual topology and services to accelerate incident remediation.

Topology - Root Cause Analysis

Correlation and Root Cause Analysis

Performs topology based Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to provide downstream event suppression across layers 1 – 7. The unified database and topology interface enables users to view the RCA, as well as event and performance management status for real time insight and health of the end-to-end service architecture.

Key Benefits

  • Discover service networks automatically

  • Integrate service topology with fault and performance for end-to-end service management

  • Predict service impacting events before they happen

  • Cross domain correlation across layer 1 – 7

  • Fully integrated into Assure1’s single code set

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Assure1 - Fault Management

Fault Management

The Manager of Managers and Single Operational Dashboard

Assure1 - Performance Management

Performance Management

Predict Outages and Solve Performance Issues Faster

Assure1 - Service Management

Service Management

Simplify and Automate Service Management

Assure1 - Analytics

Machine Learning and Event Analytics

Machine Learning and Event Analytics for Intelligent Insights to Make Better Business Decisions

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