Assure1 - Topology

Network Topology

A Single End-to-End View of the Network Through a Single Pane of Glass

Assure1® Universal Topology™ provides integrated auto-discovery, topology mapping, and root-cause analysis to give an end-to-end single source of truth representation of the entire network – across all layers and service infrastructure underpinning business operations.

Until now, Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and other enterprises have struggled to quickly and accurately visualize their expanding networks in a singular view, relying on outdated tools and manual practices to monitor critical network functions and services. With Assure1 Universal Topology, they now have an end-to-end, cross-domain view of their entire networks on a single pane of glass.

Legacy inventory systems and siloed CMDBs create chaos when trying to understand real problems occurring on the network. Assure1 Universal Topology dynamically consumes topology information from multi-domain data sources and instantly displays an exact representation of physical and virtual devices.

Assure1 Universal Topology is also able to display fault, performance, health, and service management status so operators can understand network activities and status in real-time, or go back in time to see the topological changes as they occurred and understand the impact of those changes over time.

Universal Topology Preview 1
Universal Topology Preview 2

Universal Topology Management

Assure1 Universal Topology can quickly and accurately depict topological changes in near real-time. It includes a fully integrated cross-domain topology and relationship management function to handle any technology – logical and physical.

Data collected across domains is normalized into a common data model and spans the entire OSI model (layers 1-7). Relationship models can be extended and augmented with data imported from external systems such as inventory, configuration management, provisioning, and order management, among others.

Universal Topology Cartographer

Network Cartographer™ and Chronos Timeline™

Network Cartographer enables changes from logical to geo-map layouts to display logical or physical maps. It includes Chronos Timeline, which is constantly watching for alarming trends in real-time. As these changes impact topology – and as topology changes – it becomes very important to be able to monitor and correlate topological changes and issues, so you can fully understand their impacts over time and in a visual manner.