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Assure1 - Service Management

Service Management

Simplify and Automate Service Management

Assure1 service management enables operations to respond in real-time to incidents that impact the ability to meet service level agreements (SLAs). It replaces the need to manually analyze and correlate data from diverse tools that reside in both discrete and hybrid networks.

Assure1 Service Management provides end-to-end visibility across disparate technologies, vendors and device types.

Key Capabilities

Real-Time, Cross-Domain, End-to-End Service Visibility

Assure1 Service Management provides end-to-end visibility across disparate technologies, vendors and device types. Normalized KQIs are stored and viewed in a service context in a single pane of glass. The solution enables the creation of services and infinite tiered sub services in any hierarchy to manage data in any layer of degree.

Business Impact Analysis

Real-time service view and drag and drop dashboard provide prioritized focus on issues with potential impact business services.

SLA Compliance Alerting and Reporting

Assure1’s agile and powerful reporting and dashboard engine provides at a glance reporting of the performance of services in real-time or historically. The solution supports advanced service thresholding capabilities for a top-down view of service and business performance.

Automated Service Discovery, Provisioning and Capacity Management

Automate the process of service discovery and provisioning through topology mapping and application dependency mapping. The service hierarchy discovery and configuration automation can map physical and virtual resources of services.

Key Benefits

  • Drive team focus to the most critical service issues impacting the business

  • Gain operational efficiencies, improved customer experience and lower operations cost

  • Reduce exposure to SLA penalties and contractual breeches

  • Improve customer experience drives upsell opportunity.

  • Lower cost of ownership and ease of integration

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