Assure1 - Performance Management

Predictive Performance Management

Predict Outages and Solve Performance Issues Faster with Assure1

Achieve end-to-end visibility in real time with Assure1’s performance management monitoring tools. With proactive alerting, you resolve problems before they become outages. Plus, built-in integration with fault management provides you with a comprehensive view to improve resolution times for even the most complex incidents.

Assure1 allows customers to capture device and application Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), combine multiple KPIs into Key Quality Indicators (KQIs), apply thresholds to both KPIs and KQIs for monitoring and send alerts to the appropriate department for resolution.

Key Capabilities

An example of a mobile performance management monitoring dashboard

Real-time Dashboards, Reporting, Capacity Planning and Scalable Data Collection

By grouping KPIs into higher-level KQIs and processing and correlating metrics, you dramatically reduce the number of data points. Then, focus your attention on service availability and quality agreements. Easily scale Assure1’s data collection layer by adding more collector instances on physical or virtual hosts. Uses Docker Swarm to automatically deploy collectors as loads change.

Alert notifications for performance management tools

Proactive Alert Notification and Contextual Performance Reporting

Assure1’s out-of-the-box automated alerting engines proactively detect issues by analyzing millions of active and historical KPI and KQI metrics per second, drawing attention to potential problem areas before they become outages.

Shown above: Assure1’s visual performance graph demonstrates metrics and service level.

Predictive Performance Management Key Benefits

  • Accelerates automation to allow more efficient use of resources

  • Drives agile operating environment to support service virtualization and NfV

  • Improves operational efficiency to avoid downtime

  • Delivers consistency to service delivery

  • Rapidly resolves performance problems

  • Lowers cost of ownership

  • Handles heavy event streams with ease

  • Supports any metric type, format and feed

  • Provides capacity management to avoid overspend

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Assure1 - Performance Management

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