Assure1 - Fault Management

Network Fault Management

Improve Fault Management with a Single Operational Dashboard

Consolidate legacy tools to improve your fault management with Assure1. Our powerful network monitoring tools help you unify, correlate and automate events across end-to-end physical and virtual infrastructure services.


Stay current with what’s happening in your network with Assure1’s powerful network monitoring tools. Problem solve with a centralized workflow you can trust.

Faullt and Event Management Workflow diagram

Key Capabilities

A desktop window showing how network fault management improves device support

Accelerate New Device Support and Integrate All Existing Data Sources

Automate onboarding for new and legacy devices with Assure1. Integrate smarter provisioning and orchestration processes. Our cloud self-service provides fast adoption and support for new devices, including:

  • Existing physical devices
  • New virtualized devices (NfV)
  • Element Management Systems (EMS)
Network monitoring tools improving event management automation

Event Management Automation

With Assure1, you can optimize operations by automating escalations and remediation. This reduces triage and mean-time-repair of service issues, while improving communication and collaboration, such as:

  • Enrichment from inventory and service management systems
  • Data collection from impacted devices
  • Automated suppression of events during service management windows
  • Auto ticketing
A real-time snapshot of fault management scalability

Carrier-Grade Scalability, Resiliency, and Non-Stop Maintenance

The Assure1 agile product release cycle is delivered every three weeks with new features and enhancements so you can ingest benefits from the latest technology solutions. Select updates from Federos’s Assure1 integrated app store, download features and deploy as needed. Updates are fully automated and require zero downtime to deploy for the user.

Fault Management Software
Key Benefits

  • Retires legacy tools and saves operational expenses

  • Eliminates swivel chair management

  • Accelerates transformation to end-to-end service management

  • Improves introduction of new device onboarding

  • Enhances noise reduction through deeper topology integration

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