Assure1® Vision: An End-to-End View of the Network Through a Single Pane of Glass

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Assure1® Vision combines live network and external data to provide a holistic view of the network status and health.

Assure1 Vision combines the top 3 screens seen in every network operations center so you can see your network and its health. Vision combines live network data and external data from 3rd party sources – such as real-time weather and power status – laid out on a live map that can zoom down to the street/site level.

Vision allows operators to correlate network and service issues without the distraction of visualization noises, so they can focus on relevant data to help understand, diagnose, and respond to issues – improving their understanding of the impact of faults in relation to location and customers.

Vision is highly configurable, using a layered approach to visualizing network objects and service coverage status. The multi-tenant Vision user interface enables personalized views of the data, by layers, entities, etc.

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