The Federos software-defined operations solutions, including Assure1™ and Fusion1™, brings together fault, performance, topology and service management into an integrated and scalable platform. It also includes AIOps capabilities that properly leverage event noise and drive actionable insights that can be automated.

Federos Platform

Assure1 drives higher business availability by unifying fault, performance, topology, and service management and leveraging AIOps to assure the availability and performance of your business services, applications and infrastructure.

Fusion1 provides a platform to integrate your business applications together and to use cross-application workflow automation to improve your operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer experience.

The Federos software-defined operations platform accelerates customers’ ability to simplify, automate and transform their operating environments in their quest to zero service downtime.

Federos solutions provide:

  • A new level of operational and service management efficiency
  • Reduced operational costs by integrating data into one platform and reducing manual work
  • Improved service quality resulting in increased customer satisfaction
  • A unified solution, single source of truth
  • Ability to quickly identify the smaller set of relevant events that are actionable
  • Lower mean-time to investigate (MTTI) and mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR)
  • Real-time visibility of the infrastructure, providing an accurate and up-to-date view of the network inventory and topology
  • Simplified operations environment including legacy tool consolidation, by enabling a reduction of the number of tools required to manage their infrastructure and services


Product feature - fault management

Fault Management

The Manager of Managers and Single Operational Dashboard

Product feature - performance mangement

Performance Management

Predict Outages and Solve Performance Issues Faster

Service Management

Simplify and Automate Service Management

Product feature - topology


Topology Map of Your Infrastructure and Services

Product feature - analytics

Machine Learning and Event Analytics

Machine Learning and Event Analytics for Intelligent Insights to Make Better Business Decisions

Product feature - unified visualization

Unified Visualization

Provides Single Pane of Glass and Integrated Workflows

Product feature - process workflow

Process Workflow

Process Orchestration for Automating Repetitive Tasks and Eliminating Risk from Human intervention.

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