When was the last time you went to a mall? Or went into a bank to withdraw money or even make a deposit? How long has it been since you got your daily news from an actual newspaper? How many years has it been since you used a pay phone or even a landline? Better yet, when was the last time your kids untethered themselves from their devices to go outside and play?  Scott St. John, managing editor and publisher at Pipeline magazine, is willing to bet that it’s been a while.

Digital transformation isn’t changing the world, it has changed the world, especially the telecommunications industry.  Pipeline recently sat down with David Knight, Federos CEO, to discuss how telecom companies can bridge the great, digital rift that lies between the many point-product solutions, legacy systems and tools that have served service providers well for decades, and mounting pressures to achieve greater agility, scale, efficiency, zero downtime, and hit-less updates.

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