Network Function(s) Virtualization, or NfV, uses virtualization technologies to manage core networking functions via software as opposed to having to rely on hardware to handle these functions. In NfV, virtualized network functions such as network security and firewalls, network address translation (NAT), domain name services (DNS), caching, and intrusion detection run in one or more virtual machines on top of the hardware networking infrastructure.

Drive Rapid Development via Automation and Virtualization

Easily complete everyday operations through software defined networking and deployment automation. Maintain critical applications in remote data centers through virtualization, decreasing the need for on-premise techs and 24/7 monitoring.

Modern, flexible tools offer essential benefits that existing legacy tools cannot.

Leveraging Network Function Virtualization – NfV for your Business

As businesses grow and change, Network Function Virtualization (NfV) allows for scalability of CPE systems by adding additional servers, storage and systems, while maintaining the integrity of the continued deployment process. Ultimately, businesses benefit from managing less hardware migrating to software and virtual machines for network functions.

With Assure1 and Fusion1 from Federos, you get SDN network management solutions you can trust to transform your operations environment.