Applying artificial intelligence (AI) operations to service management can help you gain deeper insights into your data automatically. Using algorithms for data-driven predictions and decision making is a streamlined method for operationalizing your service management environment. By leveraging this technology, your organization can achieve efficiencies beyond what traditional data collection and machine intervention can offer.

Many organizations already collect, manage and analyze all sorts of data that can be used to improve customer service and operations. But doing this manually or with siloed tools is time consuming and presents several limitations. Here’s how applying AI operations to service management can add value to your data, with minimal human interaction:

AI learns the behavior of your data

On time series data, AI automatically learns periodic patterns. Its capabilities span from learning daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal data patterns, to detecting subtle patterns within the larger patterns. For example, the AI may learn two different patterns for tracking your orders per minute if the volume is different on weekends compared to weekdays. This allows you to identify long-term trends in data and use predictive analytics to improve operations.

AI detects data anomalies

By learning the behavior of your data automatically and continuously, the AI can make predictions based on these patterns. When an anomaly occurs, such as a sudden events storm, it’s detected immediately. The AI may be programmed to respond with an alert or email to an operator after detecting abnormal activity in its collected data.

AI identifies root causes of issues

AI can isolate the root cause of an issue instantaneously and begin repairing it. It does this by escalating the events that are abnormal while reducing other IT noise, creating a quick time to resolution. On the contrary, humans may have to sift through hundreds of IT events before discovering where the issue is and determining how to repair it. In that time, operations are stalled, and customers may not receive acceptable service.

AI provides operators a holistic view into events

When working with several siloed tools, you don’t typically have access to all of the information needed to detect an issue, identify its root cause and repair it quickly. By applying AI operations to service management, you can see what’s going on through a single pane of glass, visualize the issue and improve the customer experience.

AI constantly improves itself

Every time the AI identifies an IT issue, it learns from the experience and gains efficiencies for managing data and mediating issues moving forward. As time goes on, the AI will continue to find more and more patterns in your data and become increasingly responsive to abnormalities in those trends. In other words, the AI will constantly grow smarter. As a result, your organization will be able to provide quicker, more comprehensive customer service while reducing operating expenses.

Because it offers a bevy of efficiencies over increasingly complex siloed tools, AI operations is the only way forward for service management providers and for humans to be enabled to see through the vast quantity of data at speed. Embracing this technology will help transform your organization into a modern, dependable end-to-end service assurance provider.

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