Forum delivers open, user-driven approach to automate and onboard device integrations that support VNF and accelerate time-to-market of virtual and hybrid services

FRISCO, Texas — December 13, 2017 — Federos LLC, the leading provider of next-generation, unified service management solutions for service providers, managed service providers and enterprises, is providing a forum for partners and customers to create and validate device, element management system (EMS) and IT system integrations to support Assure1™ and Fusion1™.   The forum will enable Federos customers and partners to rapidly onboard device integrations and leverage automation capabilities to validate physical and virtual devices moving forward – eliminating time, cost and risk associated with dependency on application vendors and third-party integrators.

Multiple constituents across industry sectors, including Federos’s numerous service provider and enterprise customers, will provide prebuilt and standard device integrations for users to access. The forum will also serve as a community, where new device integrations can be developed and made available.

“Appledore Research Group estimates that as much as 40 percent of the capital invested in the network will be virtualized over the next five years, which accounts for a market opportunity of $120 billion globally on an annualized basis. As more physical assets become virtualized, the on-boarding process must evolve to account for the diversity of VNFs and cloud native variants,” said Patrick Kelly, principal analyst at Appledore Research Group. “Federos is taking the right approach to help customers and partners accelerate the on-boarding and validation phase necessary to support hybrid virtual networks.”

Assure1™ provides open device integration to enable integration with most EMS and IT management system in the marketplace. Common integration methods include REST/JSON, HTTP/SOAP, Relational Databases via Direct API or Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), TCP socket, command-line integration options, and CORBA. The program provides the following benefits:

  1. Device validation standards and swift on-boarding process for legacy and new MIBs via the Assure1 Hybrid Network Operations Validation Center.
  2. Ability to validate virtual network functions to support SNMP.
  3. Drag and drop installation of new device validation files in Assure1™.
  4. Open device approach to support rapid device/REST validation.

Federos’ customers will also have access to integrations for Fusion1™, which provides contextual visualization and workflow automation across OSS monitoring and data center management tools.

“With the launch of the Federos device integration alliance program, we are delighted to help our partners and customers accelerate the ability to manage their hybrid networks — from physical infrastructure to cloud-based to virtual, and everything in between — to ensure the best service experience for their customers,” said David Knight, CEO at Federos LLC.  “The agile process we have developed to rapidly validate and standardize legacy, new, and dynamically changing virtual devices is an industry gold standard and will improve time to market for new services for our customers.”

Federos will offer its growing library of on-demand integrations to community users starting in the first quarter of 2018. For a complete list of device integrations or to request support please contact

About Federos

Federos LLC provides integrated end-to-end service assurance, business process workflow and advanced visualization of service desk, inventory, provisioning, and billing systems, as well as private and public clouds, to support the transformation of carrier and enterprise networks. Its next generation service assurance solutions unify fault, performance, topology, and service level management in a single scalable platform. They enable dynamic integration with legacy network management tools and improve the management of services across cloud, physical, and virtual service delivery infrastructures as well as hybrid and disparate operating systems.

Leading telecommunications, managed service providers and enterprises, including Aureon, Eir, Equinix, Hargray, MANX, Oracle, Tata Communications, and Tele2, use Federos to unify and simplify their infrastructure management, and consolidate disparate and legacy tools onto a single platform to significantly reduce operations costs, assure delivery of new services, and enhance customer experience. For more information, visit

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