Devices are being released from vendors, both physical and virtual, at a faster and faster rate.  Fault and performance management solution providers must prioritize creating a sustainable approach to enable all these new devices to work with their systems. To accommodate the rapid introduction of new devices, Federos has transformed how we offer support and certification for new devices in the latest Assure1 update.

The latest update enables customers to rapidly integrate new devices with Assure1. By simply filling out an online form, users can request that Federos’s sophisticated, automated IT support system register any new device, from routers to external hard drives. The support system integrates the new device, runs tests to ensure it exchanges information properly and provides documented certification of the process. Upon completion of the rapid integration process, Assure1 automatically extracts data from the new device, certifies the device and then and documents it for use by other Federos customers.

Unlike other vendors, Federos’ approach significantly reduces the wait time and cost  associated with supporting new devices. The difference lies in our semi-automated process that builds meta-support files. These files are hand-curated and tested in an automated manner to onboard and certify new devices seamlessly with greater speed for both fault and performance management. This allows Federos to provide support that’s fast, documented and fully tested. While other vendors take months to provide new device support, Federos can now deliver new device support in weeks—faster than any other provider in the industry.

Federos knows its customers need to be flexible and able to adapt and scale to growing infrastructure on demand. To support challenging and complex service operation environments, we provide agile development that delivers updates to the Assure1 solution every month. This ensures continuous innovation to deliver the best possible service management for our customers. The latest update is one of our most important yet, as it delivers improvements that enable Assure1 users to document support for new devices, quickly and at less expense.

If you have a device you want support for, Assure1 provides a documented process that will allow you to easily and quickly submit new devices to be certified and supported.  Let us know how we can help you.