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Set the stage for self-healing and self-optimizing networks

Through SDN/NFV platforms, MSPs will offer dynamic networks adroit enough to accommodate multi-vendor, best-of-breed services and applications tailored to individual enterprise customers’ needs. More and more, those needs will revolve around data-driven decision-making capabilities that can help improve customer experience, streamline operations and relieve financial pressures.

Service management challenges for MSPs


  • End-to-end service management in complex virtual and hybrid environments
  • Offer fully managed, enterprise-class services
  • Demands for unified, context-driven connectivity
  • Increasingly offer services at the network edge
  • Increasingly stringent SLAs for performance, scalability and flexibility
  • Costs associated with integrating and unifying multiple silo’d tools
  • Inability to support new business products
  • Increasing security risk from continued use of legacy tools
Service management solutions for MSPs


  • Single, unified code set, database and presentation interface
  • End-to-end view of physical and virtual network functions
  • Fusion of fault, performance, service management and topology in a single, unified GUI
  • Dynamic orchestration of network traffic and performance
  • Tool rationalization and consolidation
  • Abolishment of swivel chair management and complexity for MSPs
Service management benefits for MSPs


  • Facilitate automation of event-driven processes
  • Simplify service chain creation
  • Onboard new services in hours instead of days
  • Instantiate complex services in minutes
  • Visualize robust topology graphs for rich insight and clarity of network domains
  • Enforce QoS across dynamic landscape of hybrid networks
  • Accelerate evolution towards closed-loop automation
  • Improve service profitability
  • Reduce capital expenditures
  • Expand their customer base

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