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Cable Operators

Service- and Network-Aware Automation for Today’s Cable Hybrid and Virtualized Environments

MSOs want to innovate with IP video and multiscreen services, video chat, multiplayer games, video streaming, interactive live streaming, MSO Wi-Fi calling, smart home, and managed commercial services. But they want to do so without immediately upgrading HFC networks, expanding RF plant spectrum or adding more fiber lines.

This becomes possible if service assurance is elevated to a higher level, deriving insight and driving automation across what is becoming an increasingly complex landscape of devices, network elements and service categories

Service assurance challenges for cable operators


  • Offer new services without immediate upgrade to HFC networks, RF plant spectrum or additional fiber lines
  • Troubleshooting and service assurance in complex, cross-domain service environments
  • Demands for unified, context-driven connectivity
  • SLAs that support real-time, always-on service delivery in virtual environments
  • Service- and network-aware management capabilities
  • Ability to dynamically expand and contract virtual networks based on SLA requirements
  • Silo’d management of manager point solutions and static tools that manage only individual parts of the network
  • Increasing security risk from continued use of legacy tools
Service assurance solutions for cable operators


  • Single, unified code set, database and presentation interface
  • End-to-end view of physical and virtual network functions
  • Fusion of fault, performance, service management and topology in single, unified GUI
  • Modular and componentized product set
  • Next-gen discovery and polling
  • Access to open source to convert scalable components into microservices
  • Runbook automation (RBA) technology for dynamic workflow
  • Tool rationalization and consolidation
  • Abolishment of swivel chair management and complexity for operators
Service assurance benefits for cable operators


  • Knowledge-driven operational automated learning
  • Real-time testing and deployment of new automation policies to eliminate mundane tasks
  • Automation of event-driven processes
  • Simplification of service chain creation
  • Ability to scale on demand
  • Constant improvement, optimization and remediation of security, performance and fault management
  • Expedite move to virtual and hybrid networks and closed loop automation
  • Accelerate evolution towards machine learning in Elastic Stack

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