A Transformational Service Focus

Enterprises and service providers need to rapidly respond to market demand and deliver innovative and cost-effective services through more efficient and automated business operations. This is driving a fundamental transformation of IT and network organizations to support new business innovation and technologies, while reducing operations costs and proactively assuring that service levels are being met.

Proactive service assurance requires that operations and IT manage at a business service level in addition to managing the underlying infrastructure and systems. With IT convergence driven by virtualization, cloud services, and all IP networks, a new and unified operations approach is needed to achieve a proactive and transformational service focus.

The unique product suite of Assure1 and Fusion1 enables customers to automate service-oriented operations across their entire infrastructure and drive transformation and consolidation initiatives.

Federos Customers

Federos customers - Cloud and Digital Service Providers

Cloud and Digital
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Managed Services Providers

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Mobile/Wireless Operators

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Cable Operators

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