Ireland’s telecoms market has experienced revenue decline in recent years, though the situation is gradually improving as some operators adopt cost-cutting and new growth initiatives. In fact, the National Broadband Plan is attempting to increase rural broadband coverage, which will help to boost the market further.

Eir, the largest telecommunications company in Ireland, offering fixed, mobile, and broadband services, was operating numerous siloed fault and performance monitoring systems for each network and IT domain, causing a complex and segmented view of network performance and service management. Its assurance estate included a combination of commercial off-the-shelf and homegrown tools, which led to disparate business processes and high, ongoing costs. The service management architecture was not agile enough to support new and diverse services, and required constant updates, customization, and integration to add functionality. It needed an overall leaner and simpler assurance and IT estate to strengthen its ability to provide quality services to its subscriber base in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

In 2012, eir went through a vendor evaluation process to identify and select a solution that would enable it to realize its business goals. After a competitive tender process and a detailed proof of concept, eir chose Federos’ Assure1 unified service assurance solution, and partnered with Eirteic Consulting to do the system implementation and integration.

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