Federos addresses a significant gap in the network monitoring and management market caused by the lack of innovation within the industry. The company offers new generation tools that support service providers in maintaining high service levels across multiple platforms at a time when the telecom industry continues to be impacted by the digital transformation. Federos’ recently added integrated event analytics module for its Assure1™ solution illustrates the Federos vision: it helps customers to quickly and accurately pinpoint, analyse and resolve the root cause of service impacting events. This problem finding process used to take service providers days, but with the new Federos functionality, it just takes a couple of seconds, as John Locke, CTO at Federos, explains.

Federos address a real service management challenge for operators at a time when most of their services are in the virtual world. Many operators struggle to support these digital services with the legacy tools they have used for the last decade plus. “Their world has changed but now they’re finding that their legacy tools can’t adapt,” says Mr. Locke.

To address this challenge, Federos offers service providers next generation solutions that support end-to-end service assurance for  their digital services while also driving operational benefits. Specifically, Federos Assure1™ and Fusion1™ software are multi-tenant platforms that use an open and unified approach for data collection, enrichment, visualisation, and reporting. Among the operators who use Federos products are leading telecommunications, managed service providers and enterprises, including Aureon, Eir, Equinix, Hargray, MANX, Oracle, Tata Communications, Tele2, and Virtus Data Centers. Federos sells its solutions directly and through value added resellers and system integrators such as Customer First Consulting, in North America.

Federos’ recently added integrated event analytics and machine learning module for Assure1 customers is basically a problem finding tool. It enables operations teams to quickly see the root cause of an event and stop it before it can impact service quality and availability. “Today, when network and service problems happen, operations teams need to analyse millions of events and data transactions to understand where, when and why the problem occurred before they can fix it. So operators are quite used to it taking up to four days to find out what the problem is,” says Mr. Locke. “It’s a revelation to them when they use our tool: it not only finds the problem within three seconds, but also the cause of the problem. That’s the power of machine learning in Assure1. We don’t just use machine learning to provide insights, but also put those insights back into the platform to produce actionable results. This greatly helps service providers
improve service quality and customer experience, and achieves significant time and resource savings for operations teams.”

The event analytics module for Assure1 will be offered to customers as an add on subscription solution.

“New generation service management tools” was originally published in Business Trends magazine’s 2018 eighty-third edition.