Using dynamic context mapping to improve operator efficiency and customer experience

I’ve been in this industry for well over 30 years and have seen a lot of changes in that time. While many of the problems and challenges faced by IT and network operators have been resolved, some have just got worse. Whether you are trying to manage and operate the environment in a CSPMSPmobile/wirelesscable or enterprise, there is a constant demand to do your job more efficiently, with less resources in an ever increasingly complex and dynamic environment .

With the introduction of new technologies like virtualization that provide the ability to quickly ‘spin up’ new servers and services – whether a new containerized micro-service or a new virtual network device – the speed of change is faster than ever. Whilst this is of massive benefit in order to be competitive (the days of waiting 30 days for the new server order to be placed, hardware to be built, shipped, installed, configured, tested, etc. are rapidly disappearing – at last!), the speed of change is so fast that managing and operating such a dynamic environment is a huge challenge.

We can’t slow progress down (and why would you?), so we have to think differently to design and build solutions that help solve the challenges we face today, as well as to enable us to easily manage future disruptors.

Federos has developed is in the area of what we have called ‘Visual Intelligence. This, simply explained, is how we improve operator efficiency by applying intelligence to applications and operational workflows.

Every operational environment is supported by a myriad of applications – event lists, inventory, trouble ticketing, configuration management, service availability reporting to name a few more common ones (we have seen some operations centers using over 200 applications!).

Managing to navigate around and find the data you need in this environment is time consuming and inefficient. Federos’s Fusion1 solution delivers Dynamic Contextual Mapping, which implements our concept of “Visual Intelligence” by allowing you to virtually ‘link’ multiple applications together in a context sensitive way. This means that, for example, when you select a specific object (e.g. a device or service), data on this object is automatically displayed from all of your other required applications dynamically.

In the example below for an Amazon EC2 service, we can see billing summary information in a chart form, more detailed billing costs and details, a list of running services and detailed configuration data on the selected service. All of these applications are contextually mapped so that the data is dynamically refreshed based on a single operator action.

contextual mapping

Fig 1: Example Fusion1 Dashboard showing multiple context mapped applications

So no more jumping around from application to application running separate commands and trying to find relevant information.

Another example which demonstrates the power of Fusion1’s dynamic contextual mapping is how you can link incident and change management applications. As I have mentioned, the pace and speed of change is now faster than ever resulting in ever increasing challenges to find out what has changed, when, why and who changed it. In the example below, for any selected event (in the left-hand application), we dynamically show the data for that device retrieved from the Configuration Management system (right-hand screen). This allows you to instantly see what changes have been made to the device and compare configuration states to check whether a change may be the cause of the issue.

visual intelligence dashboard

Fig 2: Example Fusion1 Dashboard showing incident and change management applications

At Federos we are passionate about finding solutions to help customers simplify, automate and transform their operations management to improve their efficiency and reduce the cost of operating and managing dynamic environments.

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