Simplify your operations environment with Assure1® — real-time operational intelligence

✓ Increase operational efficiency

✓ Reduce costs

✓ Improve customer service

Your environment has outgrown legacy tools.

Legacy systems are simply not designed to cater for the agile, dynamic, and dramatic shift in operations. They can’t give you full visibility and insights you need. 

We created a better solution. Assure1® — a single, unified platform.

Simplify your complex infrastructure

Predict outages and solve performance issues faster

Give your engineering team speed and agility

Enhance performance and service management

Start being proactive and stop wasting time and money in support costs

Get intelligent insights for better business decisions

At Federos, we understand that transitioning from legacy systems feels like an impossible task. It’s not.

We help companies with large and complex networks upgrade their legacy systems and gain real-time operational intelligence.


“Federos Assure1 allows our team to spend less time figuring out why an event occurred and how to fix it.”

– Glenn Graves, Vice President of Global Centralized Managed Support Services, Motorola Solutions


“Simply put, Federos allows Aureon to be proactive and not reactive. Our phones are silent and our customers are satisfied.”

– Jesse Hess, Manager Technical Services OSS/NOC, Aureon

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What Makes Assure1® Different

AIOps and Machine Learning

Quickly pinpoint, analyze and resolve the root cause of service impacting events with Federos’ machine learning and event analytics. Our tools help you eliminate and suppress massive amounts of noise to ensure your IT operations always act correctly against incidents that typically result in impacted services.


RCA3 combines 3 different perspectives: Unsupervised Machine Learning, Supervised Event Correlation, and Topological Root Cause analysis – individually or together – to deliver the optimum analysis of your data and surpass all other solutions.

Assuring Availability and Performance of Critical Networks and Services at Scale

Federos Platform Assuring Availability and Performance at Scale

Fault Management

Monitor, detect, analyze and resolve faults faster.

Performance Management

Collect performance and usage metrics from any network device, server or storage environment.

Service Management

Make immediate use of existing configurations and data from any of the underpinning fault, performance or topology management functions.


Fully integrated, cross-domain topology and relationship management functionality.

Machine Learning and Analytics

Historical reports and dashboards simplify analysis and provide health snapshots.


Process orchestration for automating repetitive tasks and eliminating risk.

How it Works

1. Talk to an Expert

First, you talk, we listen. We’ll assess your NOC and guide you through solutions.

2. See Proof of How our Approach Works for Your Operations

Next, we’ll demonstrate the ease of the operational implementation and value of your investment.

3. Get the Benefits of Operational Transformation

Finally, we support you throughout the transformation process, from planning to implementation to ensure positive business results.

Curious about the health of your NOC?