5G Service Assurance: New Demands Call for a New Assurance Model

The 5G advances bring a highly dynamic, virtualized network and deliver ultra-low latency, higher capacity, and increased bandwidth. To manage and monetize 5G services, service providers need scalable monitoring solutions that simplify complexity and improve end-to-end visibility and quality of service.

5G Challenges

Quality of Customer Experience

Overwhelming Complexity and Big Data

Controlling OPEX and Driving Profitability


New 5G Assurance Model: Fast Troubleshooting and Closed-Loop Automation Are Crucial

5G service assurance requires customer-centric, AI-powered solutions that provide end-to-end network visibility and actionable insights that drive rapid resolution of issues that threaten the customer experience and profitability.

  • Real-time Awareness of Applications, Services, and Slices
  • Closed Loop Automation, Powered by Machine Learning
  • Seamless integration with orchestrators of network services, OSS and BSS systems

A trusted vendor of service assurance solutions, Federos provides a next generation, carrier-grade, AI-optimized solution that provides the context, real-time operational intelligence, and visibility for quick, predictive issue resolution, and a path to zero-touch automation at scale.


TMF Catalyst – Federos Assures Smart City Network for Dublin, OH

Innovative 5G services demand an agile and reliable communications infrastructure. See how Federos provides the closed-loop service assurance that enables zero-touch operations in a smart parking traffic surveillance solution over a 5G network.

smart cityscape


Assure1®: Federos 5G Unified Service Assurance

Assure1, Federos’ 5G Unified Service Assurance solution, helps you future proof your operations by providing seamless visibility for new and existing 5G services. Gain real-time operational intelligence across any vendor, service, and network.

The Assure1 platform unifies fault, performance, topology, and service level management in a single scalable platform — for unprecedented insights that help you differentiate your business from aggressive competition.

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