Federos provides AI-optimized assurance, analytics, and automation solutions that assure the performance of critical networks and services

Our solutions ensure the services, applications, and infrastructure that service providers and enterprises rely on by observing, analyzing, and acting on incidents that can cause widespread outages, SLA violations, and customer churn.

We help Communications Service Providers (CSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and other enterprises transform their operations to reduce costs, grow revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Federos Platform Outcomes

Reduce Outages

Integrate and unify your data sources. Analyze all data using AI to identify actionable insights. Automate remediation to reduce MTTR and outages.

Reduce OpEx

Consolidate or replace legacy tools. Optimize operations using integrated AI, visual intelligence and automation. Reduce TCO by using a single unified solution.

Reduce Churn

Improve customer experience with reduced outages and improved performance. Predict issues and remediate. Actively manage SLA’s, QOS, and customer impact.


Our solutions are trusted by

Since deploying the Assure1 solution, we have remediated the dependency and cost of operating with legacy tools and plan to reduce OPEX in the months and years to come

Jimmy Anderson, Director of Technical Services, HTC

Federos Assure1 allows our team to spend less time figuring out why an event occurred and how to fix it

Glenn Graves, Vice President of Global Centralized Managed Support Services, Motorola Solutions

With Assure1 we are providing our customers superior quality and reliability end-to-end

Kerry Hull, VP of Operations – CTO, Georgia Public Web

In addition to the direct savings, Assure1’s unified platform for fault, performance and topology is easy to use and provides our engineering team with the speed and agility to deliver a high-degree of service quality to our NOC and end-customers.

Jimmy Anderson, Director of Technical Services, HTC

We can focus on delivering innovative new services to meet our customers’ evolving business needs

Glenn Graves, Vice President of Global Centralized Managed Support Services, Motorola Solutions

Federos’ Assure1 simplifies the management of our complex infrastructure, while at the same time adding enhanced performance and service management.

Kerry Hull, VP of Operations – CTO, Georgia Public Web

Simply put, Federos allows Aureon to be proactive and not reactive. Our phones are silent and our customers are satisfied.

Jesse Hess, Manager Technical Services OSS/NOC, Aureon

Assure1 detects 100% of the network faults. Undiscovered customer-impacting incidents are a thing of the past.

Kent L. Sirevåg, Head of Altibox Operations Centre, Altibox
With the implementation of Assure1, we are no longer toggling between different software systems. We now have far better visibility of what’s happening in our network.
Allan Rochford, Director of Service Management, open eir,

Fault Management

The Manager of Managers and Single Operational Dashboard

Performance Management

Predict Outages and Solve Performance Issues Faster

Service Management

Simplify and Automate Service Management


Topology Map of Your Infrastructure and Services

Unified Visualization

Provides Single Pane of Glass and Integrated Workflows

Process Workflow

Process Orchestration for Automating Repetitive Tasks and Eliminating Risk from Human intervention.

Assure1 drives higher business availability by unifying fault, performance, topology, and service management and leveraging AIOps to assure the availability and performance of your business services, applications and infrastructure.


Fusion1 provides a platform to integrate your business applications together and to use cross-application workflow automation to improve your operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer experience.



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