Federos provides AI-optimized assurance, analytics, and automation solutions that assure the performance of critical networks and services

Our solutions ensure the services, applications, and infrastructure that service providers and enterprises rely on by observing, analyzing, and acting on incidents that can cause widespread outages, SLA violations, and customer churn.

We help Communications Service Providers (CSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and other enterprises transform their operations to reduce costs, grow revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Federos Platform Outcomes

Real-Time E2E Visibility and Control Across Service and Network Domains

AI/Machine Learning Driving Actionable Insights and Automation

A Single, Unified, Open and Highly Scaleable Platform

Our solutions are trusted by

Since deploying the Assure1 solution, we have remediated the dependency and cost of operating with legacy tools and plan to reduce OPEX in the months and years to come

Jimmy Anderson, Director of Technical Services, HTC

Federos Assure1 allows our team to spend less time figuring out why an event occurred and how to fix it

Glenn Graves, Vice President of Global Centralized Managed Support Services, Motorola Solutions

With Assure1 we are providing our customers superior quality and reliability end-to-end

Kerry Hull, VP of Operations – CTO, Georgia Public Web

In addition to the direct savings, Assure1’s unified platform for fault, performance and topology is easy to use and provides our engineering team with the speed and agility to deliver a high-degree of service quality to our NOC and end-customers.

Jimmy Anderson, Director of Technical Services, HTC

We can focus on delivering innovative new services to meet our customers’ evolving business needs

Glenn Graves, Vice President of Global Centralized Managed Support Services, Motorola Solutions

Federos’ Assure1 simplifies the management of our complex infrastructure, while at the same time adding enhanced performance and service management.

Kerry Hull, VP of Operations – CTO, Georgia Public Web

Simply put, Federos allows Aureon to be proactive and not reactive. Our phones are silent and our customers are satisfied.

Jesse Hess, Manager Technical Services OSS/NOC, Aureon

Assure1 detects 100% of the network faults. Undiscovered customer-impacting incidents are a thing of the past.

Kent L. Sirevåg, Head of Altibox Operations Centre, Altibox
With the implementation of Assure1, we are no longer toggling between different software systems. We now have far better visibility of what’s happening in our network.
Allan Rochford, Director of Service Management, open eir,

Reduce Outages

Integrate and unify your data sources. Analyze all data using AI to identify actionable insights. Automate remediation to reduce MTTR and outages.

Reduce Outages

At the heart of what we do is to improve the services that are being provided by our customers to their end-customers. Improving services means less financial risk from broken service level agreements and less risk of losing customers due to poor service availability.
 Integrate and unify data sources
In a majority of cases, the services offered by our customers are not simple. They are often complex processes involving many different systems and large amounts of data, complex logic and multiple output requirements. Without being able to capture data from all of the inputs, it is not possible to fully understand the processing or output processes.
Assure1 AIOps is designed to be domain and technology agnostic – whether taking a fault data feed directly from a network device, reading an application or system logfile, collecting telemetry or other performance data or using an API to an external service or system – the Assure1 platform integrates and unifies all data sources together and normalizes all data to enable true cross-domain analysis to be performed.
This means that Assure1 is able to integrate and normalize fault, performance, service and customer-related data along with traditional topological information to provide an end-to-end view of services.
Our Fusion1 solution also integrates data sources – although the focus in this case is on integrating critical applications used by operations together so that operations personnel do not need to access multiple disparate systems to find relevant data. This saves considerable time and effort (and cost) within the operations centre leading to reduced time spent on issue investigation and faster fix times.

 Analyze data using AIOps to identify actionable insights
Data can be an extremely valuable commodity, although some caveats apply to this of course (e.g. bad or missing data is not useful). By having a single unified data store, Assure1 uses AIOps technologies including unsupervised machine learning, supervised event correlation and topological root cause analysis (a combination we call RCA3) to provide accurate, real-time actionable insights into root causes. These insights are provided using a ‘synthetic event’ that is presented to the operator and usually includes service and customer information as well as details on the probable root cause of the original issue.
 Automate remediation to reduce MTTR and outages
Using the multiple techniques as part of our RCA3 root cause analysis solution within Assure1, we can improve the accuracy and certainty of any actionable insight produced. This, in turn, increases the confidence in the analysis so that automation can then be run in order to remediate and resolve the root cause issue. The use of automation reduces the time taken to investigate (MTTI) and resolve (MTTR) issues leading to reduced service outage time, less potential SLA penalties and improved customer experience.
Using the integrated AIOps workflow automation engine within Fusion1, our customers can define and manage workflows across multiple applications. These workflows can be used to perform investagitive, corrective and validative actions once an issue has been detected. As with Assure1 AIOps , the workflow automation in Fusion1 allows our customers to automate repetitive actions leading to reduced time fix issues.

Reduce OpEx

Consolidate or replace legacy tools. Optimize operations using integrated AI, visual intelligence and automation. Reduce TCO by using a single unified solution.

Reduce OpEx

Cost is always a factor in service assurance and the management of services, applications and infrastructure. The operations centre is expected to provide the same or better levels of service at the same or less cost.

  • Using AIOps to consolidate legacy tools

The continued use of legacy tools is common. These tools have had a lot of investment over the years and have usually become a core component of the operational process. However, there are a number of widely agreed challenges with using legacy tools – performance and scalability changes, high cost of ownership, lack of vendor support being some of the more common ones.

Assure1 allows our customers to ‘sweat’ their existing tool investments until they are ready to retire the tools, reduce their operational and, in some cases, capital costs, and move to Assure1. Federos has a tried and tested phased approach, called LEARN (Leverage, Enhance, Add, Replace and Normalize) to do this.


  • Optimize AIOps using visual intelligence and automation solutions

Demands on operations centers continue to grow – to monitor and manage more complex and dynamic environments but with less resources. Optimizing operational processes and implementing automation is the key to enabling service and network operations centres to be able to cope with their current (and future) challenges.

With increasing amounts of data being presented and environments constantly changing, the ability of operations to be able to find and focus on the critical issues is usually one of the main challenges they face.

Our Fusion1 solution provides the ability to intelligently link business applications together so that an operator can see all related data across the linked systems in a single click. For example, selecting an event from an Assure1 event list can dynamically display the full configuration of the device that the event is related to from a configuration management system, a list of any related trouble tickets from a trouble ticketing system and an audit log of any recent changes from a change management system. The data is dynamically updated across all linked applications at a single click of a button by the operator.

Assure1 has a fully configurable and easy to use interface that allows users to be able to quickly filter, search, and report on any information they may need. Combined with a fully customizable menu system allowing seemless integration of tools and system integrations at the click of a button, Assure1 allows operational processes to be streamlined reducing fix times and outages.

Automation of remedial actions is seen as the end objective of many organizations. However, there is reticence to implement automation due to concerns around the accuracy of the triggers. Using unsupervised machine learning, supervised event correlation and topological causal analysis techniques in our RCA3 root cause analysis engine in Assure1, we improve the certainty of the actionable insights produced. This then reduces the concern around triggering automations.

Within our Fusion1 solution, workflows can be defined and executed to perform automated tasks. At any stage in the workflow, manual intervention steps can be configured if needed e.g. an email  notification for approval of a change request, but this obviously has an impact on the speed of execution of the automation.

  • Reduce TCO by using a single unified solution

The assurance of complex environments often means the use of a large number of tools and systems to be able to operate and manage services driving up costs for training, maintenance and support – not to mention the inefficiency of attempting to get an end-to-end view of your infrastructure, the services running on it and the customers using those services.

Assure1 unifies multiple data sources from across domains into a single platform offering fault, performance, service management and topology. Our unified approach enables a management model that encompasses infrastructure, business services, applications and customer experience.

Having a single platform to use and maintain results in considerable cost savings. We also focus on making the cost of ownership for Federos AIOps solutions to be as low as possible. For example, our Assure1 AIOps packaging engine allows quick and easy upgrades, our Foundry module allows our customers to perform codeless device integrations and our Fusion1 SDK allows customers to develop their own integrations.

Reduce Churn

Improve customer experience with reduced outages and improved performance. Predict issues and remediate. Actively manage SLA’s, QOS, and customer impact.

Reduce Churn

At the end of the day, it’s all about the customer. Without customers paying for services or products, we wouldn’t  be in business. As the hassle for customers to change service providers has reduced, the importance of maintaining customer satisfaction and retaining existing customers is paramount to surviving.

It is widely accepted that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. The success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%. Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%.

  • Reduce service outages and improve customer experience by automatically detecting and fixing issues in real-time

Customers expect great experience from their service providers. The providers must therefore ensure and assure the availability and performance of the services, applications and infrastructure that their customers use.

We’d all like to think that the services we use will always be available and perform at or above what we expect all of time. However, being in this industry, we understand that delivering services is not a simple task and involves a lot of moving parts – all of which need to be monitored and managed.

So when an outage or service degradation does occur, being able to rapidly detect an issue, identify the root cause and then automatically fix it is critical. This has to happen in (near) real-time. Providers who still rely on their customers to call and report an issue before they even start to investigate it are the ones that will not survive.

Assure1 uses a number of techniques, including unsupervised machine learning, to analyse the fault, performance, service, and topology data being collected, detect issues and identify root causes. Once identified, remedial actions can be executed manually, semi-automatically (e.g. using a human trigger to run an automated action) or fully automatically – reducing service outage time and impact on customers.

  • Using AIOps to Predict issues before they impact customers

Dealing with issues that are detected quickly and in real-time is obviously essential, but predicting and preventing issues before they impact the performance of services and customers is an even better aim. The good news is that, in most cases, we have a lot of data available to use to predict potential issues.

As you would expect, prediction can be a complex thing to do – especially when we need to be accurate. Assure1 provides a number of predictive capabilities – from setting lower and upper threshold values to identify when these thresholds have been or are predicted to be violated to full trend analysis with exponential smoothing and seasonality options to allow more accuracy in the prediction.

  • Identify service and customer impacts

When dealing with more and more complex environments with multiple connected infrstructure components – whether it be physical or virtual network equipment or servers, databases, or any other application software, understanding which service and, more importantly, which customers, are using which parts of the infrastructure can be a challenge.

Assure1 provides extensive capabilities to define service and customer related information within the system – or, if already available elsewhere, can integrate with external systems to reference the information. This information can then be used by Assure1 to identify service and customer impacts to the operations team. Additionally, the openness and flexibility of Assure1 AIOps allows for full categorisation of services and customers to ensure that issues can be prioritized based on importance of the customer.

With the ability to intelligently link multiple applications together using Fusion1, service and customer related information can be made available in real-time to the user with a single click ensuring that all relevant data is presented quickly and efficiently.


Federos fault management

Fault Management

The Manager of Managers and Single Operational Dashboard

Federos performance mangement

Performance Management

Predict Outages and Solve Performance Issues Faster

Federos service management

Service Management

Simplify and Automate Service Management

Federos topology


Topology Map of Your Infrastructure and Services

Federos analytics

Machine Learning and Event Analytics

Machine Learning and Event Analytics for Intelligent Insights to Make Better Business Decisions

Federos unified visualization

Unified Visualization

Provides Single Pane of Glass and Integrated Workflows

Federos process workflow

Process Workflow

Process Orchestration for Automating Repetitive Tasks and Eliminating Risk from Human intervention.

Assure1 drives higher business availability by unifying fault, performance, topology, and service management and leveraging AIOps to assure the availability and performance of your business services, applications and infrastructure.

Fusion1 provides a platform to integrate your business applications together and to use cross-application workflow automation to improve your operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer experience.



Integrate data and applications from across your business in a single unified platform. Reduce complexity and cost by consolidating legacy and existing tools.

Leverages AIOps and unites fault, performance, topology, and service management into an integrated and scalable platform.


Enrich, suppress, compress and correlate events. Automate tasks and workflows to improve efficiency and reduce outages.

Includes machine learning analytics and automation capabilities that fully leverage and enrich operational data to drive actionable insights and lower operational costs


Produce actionable insights using Machine Learning. Perform root cause and impact analysis using multiple correlation techniques.

Accelerates customers’ ability to simplify, automate, and transform their operating environments in their quest to zero service downtime.

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